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5 reasons why partners should absolutely do a Hypnobirthing course

Not too long ago, the perceived role of the father at his baby’s birth was to helplessly stand by, nervously pacing the hallways of the hospital, waiting to raise a toast to his little one’s birth. Yet the role of a helpless bystander could not be further away from the truth. There is so much a dad-to-be can do and be during his partners’ labour, and Hypnobirthing is a fantastic course to aid him with all the right tools to be an invaluable support to his partner.

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Below are some of the main benefits to dads-to-be attending a Hypnobirthing course

1. Learn tools and techniques to support his partner

Very often you will hear from Hypnobirthing stories mothers say they could not have done it without their partner. Hypnobirthing provides partners with a toolbox of different techniques to soothe and support the birthing mother, helping her to stay focussed and relax. Hypnobirthing also helps the partner understand how the birthing body works and builds confidence and trust in his partner’s ability to birth. Furthermore, Hypnobirthing partners also learn the difference between actively supporting their partner and actively “standing-by” – sometimes the birthing mother needs to remain undisturbed and focussed inward, so being able to create space for her to achieve this is invaluable.

Lastly, during the Hypnobirthing course the couple will identify what is important to them at the birth of their baby, which means the partner can advocate for their birth preferences confidently with the medical professionals, enabling the birthing mum to focus on herself and their baby.

2. Learn tools and techniques to stay calmer and preserve his own energy

The benefits of Hypnobirthing to keep the mother-to-be calm and relaxed before and during labour are undeniable. But these benefits do not stop with the mum-to-be. Partners too can enjoy the sense of calm confidence that self-hypnosis has on the mind, every time they choose to listen to the audio scripts with the mother-to-be. Partners who practice self-hypnosis often report that they sleep better, stay more focussed during working hours and even have an improved golf game.

Moreover, birth itself is tiring for partners too. An anxious partner will soon feel overwhelmed and exhausted from all the nervous anticipation going through his mind, and may fail to remain the strong support that his birthing wife or partner needs him to be. Hypnobirthing teaches dads to be how to conserve their energy on the day, so they can be completely present and enjoy the arrival of their little one.

3. Come closer together as a couple and have a stronger bond

As couples take time out of their busy schedules to dedicate to practicing their Hypnobirthing techniques in the lead up to birth, the bond between them will be strengthened, which will create a sense of team, even before the big day. Hypnobirthing gives the partner an active role to play, not only on the day of the birth, but throughout the weeks and months of preparation for the arrival of their baby.

4. Create a stronger bond with the baby before he/she is born

Sometimes fathers-to-be may feel a bit excluded from their partners’ pregnancy, as the baby is growing in their partners’ belly and there may seem there is little they may be able to do. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. The time spent doing hypnobirthing exercises with his partner – the audio scripts, gentle massage, the breathing exercises – means that the baby recognises his voice even before he/she is born.

5. All preconceptions will be turned around

Just like most expecting mums today, partners too may have a negative idea about birth – that it is painful and terrible and something people just have to ‘endure’ and ‘power through’. During the Hypnobirthing course both parents-to-be’s ideas and expectations of birth get turned around – by understanding how the birthing body works, by building trust and confidence in the mother’s ability to birth, by learning their options when it comes to medical support, and how to best communicate with the medical team.

They leave feeling in control and excited about birth, both knowing exactly what they can do to ensure they have a positive birth experience when welcoming their lovely baby into the world.

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