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Can I skip the hypnosis bit?

Hypnobirthing teaches a multitude of simple techniques, all designed to relax and comfort you, so that your body can progress with labour more easily, calmly and effectively. It won’t be until you are actually in labour, that you see which of the many techniques, will be most beneficial to you. So, it is recommended that you give them all a go and practice them in the lead up to the big day.

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Often you will be encouraged to only learn and practice the techniques that work for you. (Of course, I also agree that you would only diligently practice the techniques that you do enjoy). And often, the first technique to fly out the window is the self-hypnosis audio scripts – let’s be honest, it feels quite foreign to lay there, focussing on an audio script, read in a soothing voice. How many of us have laid there, struggling to not fidget and sit through the end of the recording, wondering whether we are doing it “right” and whether it is actually “working”?

The thing is though, it works! It really does. In the course, we go into detail how and why it is so effective. And if you gave self-hypnosis a chance, it works better and better each time you practice.

One key difference of Hypnobirthing to other antenatal classes is the incorporation of hypnosis. During both Hypnobirthing and classic antenatal classes, you are thought how the body and the muscles work, and what happens at each stage of labour. Yet simply rationalising the fear of birth by explaining what to expect when you are delivering, does not prevent or eliminate the fear. We need to go a step further and overwrite or re-write our deep-rooted beliefs that birth is scary or painful on a subconscious level.

Just think of people with aviophobia – the fear of flying. You can explain to someone suffering from aviophobia all the science and physics behind what makes an airplane take off and stay in the air, as well as share all the statistics about how safe flying is. Yet there is a certain understanding that needs to take place in the heart, not just the mind, for this fear to dispel. And this is exactly where hypnosis comes in.

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