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Is Hypnobirthing right for me?

There is no doubt that Hypnobirthing is growing in popularity as an ‘alternative’ way of relieving pain during birth. It all started with the promise that if ‘performed the right way’ Hypnobirthing can help avoid the pain during labour and lead to a shorter, more comfortable birth. And as more and more women have been reaping the benefits of Hypnobirthing, the more favoured the teaching methods have become.

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Yet the thing is, there is nothing “alternative” about Hypnobirthing. The course focuses on the science of birth – birth is all about hormones and muscles. It teaches you about the hormones that fuel your birth, and how you can create optimal conditions to bring these about. The course also explains how your muscles work together to deliver your baby, and how you can ensure that these muscles are well-oxygenated and relaxed to make birth as much a comfortable experience as possible.

Many Hypnobirthing mothers will say that their birth was incredibly physical and powerful – which it always is – but often they will say it was not “painful”. There is no one “right” way to give birth, and everyone experiences sensations differently, yet one thing has been confirmed time and time again, and it’s that women who have practiced Hypnobirthing in the lead up to their birth have a calmer and more comfortable, often shorter labour.

There is no denying – and pretty much every Hypnobirthing teacher will confirm – the name itself – HYPNOBIRTHING – does it no favours. Yet the name has now stuck and we have to run with it. And if sceptics can look past the wrongful assumptions that one may be left hypnotised, clucking like a chicken, there is so many benefits to be had – for mum, baby, dad and even the medical team who are taking care of you during this wonderful time in your life! (But more on this topic in another blog post).

What Hypnobirthing is really about is working towards achieving a calm state of mind during your labour, to allow your muscles and hormones to work in the optimal way that nature designed them to, so that your birth can progress as swiftly and comfortably as possible. And this, I believe, is something that every woman can benefit from – regardless of how and where she wished to welcome her baby into the world.

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