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Why prepare for something you cannot plan?

Birth is unpredictable. This is fact. It is a fact that can sometimes discourage mothers-to-be from preparing for their baby’s birth or making any kind of “birth preference plan”. They simply decide to go with the flow. Yet the danger with this attitude is that a woman may end up being completely passive in her birth experience and have all the decisions of the birth process be made for her, rather than with her.

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And whilst the outcome of a healthy and happy mum and baby is an absolutely wonderful thing, a woman who felt scared and not in control at different stages of her labour, may perceive her birthing experience as a negative one. She may be left feeling apprehensive towards her future pregnancies and births.

So, whilst you cannot control birth itself, you can control aspects of it – you can control your fear, the atmosphere in the birth room, you can educate yourself about how you feel about the different medical options and comfort measures that are available to you – thus letting your medical team know what your preferences are in the case that you may need certain interventions.

Hypnobirthing matters, as it enables a woman to take charge of her birth and make decisions with her partner and the medical team as an active participant in this life-changing moment. Hypnobirthing prepares both the mind and the body to work the way nature intended them to. It helps mothers to feel calmer and more in control when faced with treatment options, where medical circumstances may arise.

Hypnobirthing really is about being prepared for any and all birthing experiences. A positive birth does not have to be ‘drug-free’ or ‘natural’. It simply has to be informed from a place of positivity as opposed to fear – whether it is at home, in hospital, with or without medical intervention.

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