The Hypnobirthing Course

The Chelsea Hypnobirthing course provides mums-to-be and their partners with a fun 12-hour programme full of factual, evidence-based information about labour and birth, as well as simple to follow tools and techniques that alleviate fear & build confidence. You will become an expert in relaxation and feel that you are in control of your baby's birth - whatever turn your birthing takes!

In a nutshell, hypnobirthing will help your mind and body work together to create the most comfortable birth with the help of simple techniques, rooted in science and common sense.

The course will cover:

Physiology of Birth

Learn how the muscles of the uterus work at each stage of labour to deliver your baby

Eliminating Fear

Pain in childbirth is caused by fear. You will learn how to manage & eliminate fear

Partner's Role

Your partner will receive the best possible preparation on how to support you during birth

Birth Environment

Understand how to create the most favourable & comfortable environment for your birth


Practice specific breathing techniques for each stage of labour

'What Ifs'

Prepare for all eventualities of birth & the options that are available to you in each case


Adopt relaxation techniques that will make you instantly more relaxed (a skill for life!)


Effectively communicate with your medical support team about your birth preferences

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."


- Barbara Katz Rothman

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